What sets us apart?

In recent years, we at Digitax have been providing a new standard of American taxation services that did not exist in the industry in Israel. We provide the service of a boutique office, which includes a personal attitude and adjustment of the service to each and every client, all at competitive and fair pricing. You can work with us digitally regardless of physical location, and use advanced means of communication and cyber security. We have more than 800 customers and we provide all of them with professional and fast responses whether they live in Israel or in the United States. We specialize in maximizing tax refunds and grants for US citizens and real estate investors in the United States while fulfilling all reporting obligations to the US in the easiest way.

Why us?

At Digitax, although we already have seven years of experience in the American taxation field, we continue to keep up to date with United States tax laws and recent American taxation regulations, including taking annual examinations opposite the IRS to provide our clients with the most professional and correct service.
We have already submitted and filed thousands of different returns and reports to the tax authorities in the United States for hundreds of our clients, which include individual clients, partnerships and companies, American citizens, and real estate investors in the United States.
We obtain our clients’ hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax refunds per year and provide professional service and availability with a prompt response from an American taxation expert, by phone, email, and WhatsApp, in a digital service environment in English and Hebrew for your convenience.

Who are we?

We at Digitax are authorized to prepare tax returns and represent our clients before the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS). We are eligible to provide CAA services – issuing tax identification numbers for individuals (ITIN) and entities (EIN), with electronic filing approval from the IRS (EFIN), and reporting services for academic institutions ( TCC). Here at Digitax we have expertise in regard to Israel and the US tax treaty, with an emphasis on PFIC taxation.

Yaron Kalir

Thirty-four years old, married, and father to a daughter.
Bachelor’s degree in economics and management.
Licensed to prepare US tax returns and represent clients before the IRS.
Has eight years of experience providing American tax consultation and tax return preparation. Has been involved in filing thousands of tax returns for various clients. Has vast experience in forming dozens of LLCs in all 50 states.

Eran Dagan

Thirty-five years old, married, and father to two sons and a daughter.
Bachelor’s degree with honors in economics and banking. Licensed to prepare US tax returns and represent clients before the IRS.
Has eight years of experience providing American tax consultation and tax return preparation. Has vast expertise in performing reviews before filing thousands of tax returns and streamlined foreign offshore procedures to the US.

Apart from our business

Besides our business activities, we manage the Facebook community “American Taxation Questions Forum” – the largest US tax-related community in Israel (for American citizens).
The community currently numbers about 1,200 Americans, and as part of the group, we provide access to knowledge about rights, obligations, and relevant concepts to Americans living in Israel.
All content in the group is totally free.

What Our Clients Say About Us

A 5-Star US Tax Services Company

Based on reviews on Google and Facebook

I highly recommend Digitax’s service to any American citizen who wants a fast service at the highest level available for the management of his taxes to the United States.

Racheli M.

Decent price and outstanding service! I have no complaints at all, highly recommended it!!

Boaz B.

I strongly recommend Digitax. A very professional company, great service, clear and accessible.

Ahuva A.

Accurate and fast professional service, everything was taken care of and arranged for me. excellent service!

Roy C.

Fast and courteous service,
High availability all the time and everything with patience and maximum service.
I highly recommend Digitax!

Ortal K.

Working with Digitax was an excellent experience. I was very pleased with how they handled my and my husband’s tax return documents. Yaron is very professional, available, patient, and pleasant. Working with him was simple and efficient!

Einat T.

I want to recommend their service. From the first moment they “attacked” the case and were attentive to any question, whim, or problem. They were always available with professional answers and the attitude was personal as if I were their only customer. Thanks!!

Avihai P.

Very satisfied with the service of the Digitax guys. I received the first Stimulus payment and immediately after that, I applied for the second one.
Would happily recommend 🙂

Shai A.

Very professional, courteous, and invested in the customer.
Thanks to your endless patience I could finish and submit all the reports.
Thank you very much !!

Jeff B.

I contacted Digitax and received courteous and professional service, a fair price, and personal attention. highly recommend!

Tamir A.

Eran and Yaron provide professional and pleasant service! A pleasure to work with you! I highly recommend Digitax!

Gal A.